Setting Next Execution Point

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

When debugging scripts and keyword tests in TestComplete, you can skip any number of script lines within a routine or keyword test operations with a test and manually set the next line or operation for execution. Using this feature, you can skip or re-execute some parts of the test.

You can set the execution point, when you pause the script execution on a line or operation:

  • Pause the script or keyword test execution on the desired script line or operation by any means described in the Debugging Tests - Overview help topic:

  • Click the script line or operation to which you would like to pass the execution control.

  • If you are debugging script code, right-click within the Code Editor and choose Set Next Statement from the context menu.

    If you are debugging a keyword test, right-click within the Keyword Test editor and choose Set Next Operation from the context menu.

TestComplete will change the currently executed line or keyword test operation to the specified line or operation.


  • The Set Next Statement and Set Next Operation commands only work within the bounds of the current routine or keyword test. You cannot move the execution to another routine, unit, or test.

  • Since the script debugger cannot step through individual statements within a script line, it will execute the whole line to which you jump.

  • Changing the current line or keyword test operation may cause errors in your script or keyword test. This may happen, for instance, if the skipped test section creates certain objects or assign values to variables, and the statements or operations, to which you jump, work with these objects or variables (the “new” statements may be unable to retrieve or set objects’s properties or process the variable values).

  • The “Set Next Statement” debugger command is not supported by Python and JavaScript (not JScript) engines.

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