Stepping Through Test

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

In TestComplete you can debug script code and keyword tests. Stepping means executing just one line of the script or one keyword test operation, then stopping (until the next step) to check the state of the test, its output, and its variables. The next script statement or keyword test operation to be executed is highlighted in the Code Editor or Keyword Test editor.

There are two ways to step through script code or keyword test, depending on what is meant by “executing just one line (or operation)” when that line is a call to another script or operation: Step Into or Step Over.

Step Into

Under Step Into, execution proceeds one script statement (or one operation) at a time. If the statement or operation calls another script routine (or executes another keyword test), TestComplete jumps to the start of that routine or tests and stops there, ready to step through it again one statement (or operation) at a time, until the called routine or test returns to the caller, on the statement (or operation) that follows the call. To step into code, press either:

  • Step Into on the Debug toolbar.
  • The Step into shortcut. By default, F11. (See Key Mapping for more information on how to change this shortcut.)
Step Over

Under Step Over, execution proceeds one statement or operation at a time within the script (or keyword test) where the execution point is now located. If the next statement or operation calls another script routine or runs another keyword test, the whole call is executed in a single step (full speed, no stop), and execution stops at the next script statement or operation in the current test. You can step through statements in your script code viewed in the Code Editor and through keyword tests displayed in the Keyword Test editor. To step over, press either:

  • Step Over on the Debug toolbar.
  • The Step Over shortcut. By default, it is F10. See Key Mapping to change this shortcut.

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