Working With the Objects Editor

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

This topic provides information on tasks that can be performed with the Objects editor.

Adding Property Collections
  • In the editor, right-click somewhere within the list of property collections and choose New Item from the context menu.

  • TestComplete will show the Add Object wizard, where you can store the properties of the desired object or add the file holding the desired collection of property values.

Note that you can also add a collection by copying an existing collection to the clipboard and pasting it to the editor (see below).

For more information on adding collections, see Adding Property Collections to Stores.

Creating Property Collections by Copying Existing Collections
  • In the editor, right-click the desired property collection and choose Cut or Copy from the context menu.

  • Right-click somewhere in the editor and select Paste from the context menu. TestComplete will create a new property collection whose contents will coincide with the contents of the copied collection.

Renaming Property Collections
  • Right-click the desired property collection in the Name section, then either choose Edit from the context menu or press F2 and type the desired name in the ensuing inplace editor.

Changing Files Assigned to Property Collections

Each property collection is stored in an XML files with the .tcObject extension. The name of the file is displayed in the File name column of the editor. To assign another file that will store object data to an Objects collection element, do the following:

  • In the Objects editor, select the Files name column of the desired collection element and press the ellipsis button.

  • In the ensuing dialog browse for the desired .tcObject file and click Open.

Enabling Property Collection Update
  • Select the Update check box of the desired property collection in the Objects editor.

Note: In order to allow TestComplete to update stored collections of object properties, enable the Update objects option in the Stores settings.

For more information on updating property collections, see Updating Property Collections.

Searching for Property Collections in the Editor
  • Type a part of the sought-for property collection’s name in the Quick Search edit box of the editor.

  • The Objects editor will filter out the property collections in the list according to the text you are typing.

To remove the filter, clear the Quick Search edit box or press the button.

Viewing Property Collections
  • Select the desired element in the Objects collection.

  • The Preview section will display the hierarchy of objects and properties stored in the selected element.

Modifying Property Collections
  • Select the desired property collection in the Objects editor list.

  • The Preview section of the editor will display the stored objects and properties. Click Edit in the Preview section.

  • In the ensuing Edit Objects dialog, make the changes you need and click OK to save the changes.

Deleting Property Collections
  • Select the desired property collection in the Objects editor (you can use Ctrl- and Shift-click for multiselection).

  • Right-click the selected collection (or one of the selected collections) and choose Delete from the context menu or press Delete.

For more information on deleting collections, see Deleting Property Collections From Stores.

Saving Changes

To save the changes you have made to property collections, select File | Save from the TestComplete main menu.

To close the editor without saving the changes, close the editor’s tab and answer “No” when TestComplete asks you to save the changes.

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