File Menu

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The File menu provides commands that allow you to work with files. The available commands are:

Item Description
New This menu allows you to create a new item in the project structure.
 New Project Suite
Creates a new project suite.
 New Project
Adds a new project to the current project suite. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+N shortcut.
 New Item
Adds a new item to the current node (project or project suite). If the Project Explorer panel is empty, click this button to create a new project suite.

To learn more about creating new projects and project suites, see Creating Projects and Project Suites.

 Open Opens an existing TestComplete project. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+O shortcut.
Recent Contains a sub-menu that displays a list of .pjs files that you have recently opened in TestComplete.
 Save Saves the current project item under its current name. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+S shortcut.
Save As Opens a submenu that lets you save the current project item, project or project suite to a new location.
Save Project Suite As
Saves the current project suite along with all its projects and their items to a new location.
Save Project As
Saves the current project along with all its project items to a new location.
Save Current As
Saves the current project item and all its child items to a new location.
 Save All Saves all the changes you have made in the current project suite. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+S shortcut.
 Close Closes the current project suite.
Source Control Contains a submenu that you can use to work with source control systems from TestComplete. The submenu holds the same commands as the Source Control toolbar does. For more information on working with projects bound to a source control system, see Integration With Source Control Systems.
 Print Prints the currently active document. Use the Ctrl+P shortcut as an alternative.
 Print Preview Opens the standard Print Preview dialog, where you can set up printing settings and preview the document before printing.
Install Extensions Opens the Extensions dialog, where you can see the list of available TestComplete plugins, enable and disable them and install new ones. See Installing Extensions.
Install Script Extensions Opens the Script Extensions dialog, where you can see the list of installed script extensions as well as enable and disable them. See Installing and Uninstalling Script Extensions.
Exit Exits TestComplete.

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