wChildViewExpanded Property (Specific to SyncfusionEssGrid Controls)

Applies to TestComplete 15.51, last modified on May 31, 2023


Use the SyncfusionEssGridView.wChildViewExpanded property to determine whether a particular child table in the Syncfusion GridGroupingControl control is expanded or collapsed.


TestObj.wChildViewExpanded(Row, View)

Read-Only Property Boolean
TestObj A variable, parameter or expression that specifies a reference to one of the objects listed in the Applies To section
Row [in]    Required    Integer    
View [in]    Required    Variant    

Applies To

The property is applied to the following objects:

View Mode

To view this property in the Object Browser panel and in other panels and dialogs, activate the Advanced view mode.


The property has the following parameters:


Specifies the index of the parent row of the desired table. The index is zero-based and is relative to the table or group in which the row resides.


Specifies the desired child table. You can enter the table’s zero-based index or caption.

The caption can contain asterisk (*) or question mark (?) wildcards or regular expressions. The asterisk corresponds to a string of any length (including an empty string), the question mark corresponds to any single character (including none). To specify more complicated parts of a caption, use regular expressions.

The caption can be case-sensitive or case-insensitive depending on the value of the Use case-sensitive parameters project setting.

Property Value

True if the specified child table is expanded and False otherwise.

If the specified child table is not found, the property returns False as well and posts an error message to the test log.


If you use Python or DelphiScript, you should enclose the parameters of the wChildViewExpanded property in square brackets: wChildViewExpanded[Row, View].

To expand and collapse child tables in GridGroupingControl, use the ExpandChildView and CollapseChildView actions. You can also simulate collapsing and expanding tables by using the Click and DblClick actions.

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