Mobile Key Constants

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024
The information below concerns legacy mobile tests that work with mobile devices connected to the local computer. For new mobile tests, we recommend using the newer cloud-compatible approach.

This topic lists constants that specify mobile device keys and buttons that can be “pressed” using the Device.PressButton method.

Alphanumeric Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbk0 0
mbk1 1
mbk2 2
mbk3 3
mbk4 4
mbk5 5
mbk6 6
mbk7 7
mbk8 8
mbk9 9
mbkA A
mbkB B
mbkC C
mbkD D
mbkE E
mbkF F
mbkG G
mbkH H
mbkI I
mbkJ J
mbkK K
mbkL L
mbkM M
mbkN N
mbkO O
mbkP P
mbkQ Q
mbkR R
mbkS S
mbkT T
mbkU U
mbkV V
mbkW W
mbkX X
mbkY Y
mbkZ Z

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Device-Specific Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkAppSwitch App switch key
mbkAssist Assist key
mbkCall Call key
mbkCamera Camera key
mbkClear Clear key
mbkEndCall End Call key
mbkFocus Camera Focus key
mbkForward Forward key
mbkForwardDel Forward Delete key
mbkHeadsetHook Headset Hook key
mbkLanguageSwitch Language Switch key
mbkMannerMode Manner Mode key
mbkMoveEnd End Movement key
mbkMoveHome Home Movement key
mbkMute Mute key
mbkNotification Notification key
mbkPower Power key
mbkSearch Search key
mbkSettings Settings key
mbkSoftLeft Soft Left key
mbkSoftRight Soft Right key
mbkUnknown Unknown key code
mbkVolumeDown Volume Down key
mbkVolumeMute Volume Mute key
mbkVolumeUp Volume Up key
mbkZoomIn Zoom in key
mbkZoomOut Zoom out key

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Functional Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkBack Back key
mbkBrembk Brembk / Pause key
mbkCapsLock Caps Lock key
mbkDel Backspace key
mbkEnter Enter key
mbkEscape Escape key
mbkF1 F1 key
mbkF10 F10 key
mbkF11 F11 key
mbkF12 F12 key
mbkF2 F2 key
mbkF3 F3 key
mbkF4 F4 key
mbkF5 F5 key
mbkF6 F6 key
mbkF7 F7 key
mbkF8 F8 key
mbkF9 F9 key
mbkHome Home key
mbkInsert Insert key
mbkMenu Menu key
mbkPageDown Page Down key
mbkPageUp Page Up key
mbkScrollLock Scroll Lock key
mbkSpace Space key
mbkSystemRequest System Request / Print Screen key
mbkTab Tab key

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Game Controller Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkDpadCenter Directional Pad Center key
mbkDpadDown Directional Pad Down key
mbkDpadLeft Directional Pad Left key
mbkDpadRight Directional Pad Right key
mbkDpadUp Directional Pad Up key
mbkButton1 Generic Game Pad Button #1
mbkButton10 Generic Game Pad Button #10
mbkButton11 Generic Game Pad Button #11
mbkButton12 Generic Game Pad Button #12
mbkButton13 Generic Game Pad Button #13
mbkButton14 Generic Game Pad Button #14
mbkButton15 Generic Game Pad Button #15
mbkButton16 Generic Game Pad Button #16
mbkButton2 Generic Game Pad Button #2
mbkButton3 Generic Game Pad Button #3
mbkButton4 Generic Game Pad Button #4
mbkButton5 Generic Game Pad Button #5
mbkButton6 Generic Game Pad Button #6
mbkButton7 Generic Game Pad Button #7
mbkButton8 Generic Game Pad Button #8
mbkButton9 Generic Game Pad Button #9
mbkButtonA A Button key
mbkButtonB B Button key
mbkButtonC C Button key
mbkButtonL1 L1 Button key
mbkButtonL2 L2 Button key
mbkButtonMode Mode Button key
mbkButtonR1 R1 Button key
mbkButtonR2 R2 Button key
mbkButtonSelect Select Button key
mbkButtonStart Start Button key
mbkButtonThumbL Left Thumb Button key
mbkButtonThumbR Right Thumb Button key
mbkButtonX X Button key
mbkButtonY Y Button key
mbkButtonZ Z Button key

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Media Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkMediaClose Close media key
mbkMediaEject Eject media key
mbkMediaFastForward Fast Forward media key
mbkMediaNext Play Next media key
mbkMediaPause Pause media key
mbkMediaPlay Play media key
mbkMediaPlayPause Play/Pause media key
mbkMediaPrevious Play Previous media key
mbkMediaRecord Record media key
mbkMediaRewind Rewind media key
mbkMediaStop Stop media key

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Modifier Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkAltLeft Left Alt modifier key
mbkAltRight Right Alt modifier key
mbkCtrlLeft Left Control modifier key
mbkCtrlRight Right Control modifier key
mbkFunction Function modifier key
mbkMetaLeft Left Meta modifier key
mbkMetaRight Right Meta modifier key
mbkNum Number modifier key
mbkPictureSymbols Picture Symbols modifier key
mbkShiftLeft Left Shift modifier key
mbkShiftRight Right Shift modifier key
mbkSwitchCharset Switch Charset modifier key
mbkSymbol Symbol modifier key

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Numeric Keypad Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkNumPad0 Numeric keypad 0 key
mbkNumPad1 Numeric keypad 1 key
mbkNumPad2 Numeric keypad 2 key
mbkNumPad3 Numeric keypad 3 key
mbkNumPad4 Numeric keypad 4 key
mbkNumPad5 Numeric keypad 5 key
mbkNumPad6 Numeric keypad 6 key
mbkNumPad7 Numeric keypad 7 key
mbkNumPad8 Numeric keypad 8 key
mbkNumPad9 Numeric keypad 9 key
mbkNumPadAdd Numeric keypad + key (for addition)
mbkNumPadComma Numeric keypad , key (for decimals or digit grouping)
mbkNumPadDivide Numeric keypad / key (for division)
mbkNumPadDot Numeric keypad . key (for decimals or digit grouping)
mbkNumPadEnter Numeric keypad Enter key
mbkNumPadEquals Numeric keypad = key
mbkNumPadLeftParen Numeric keypad ( key
mbkNumPadMultiply Numeric keypad * key (for multiplication)
mbkNumPadRightParen Numeric keypad ) key
mbkNumPadSubtract Numeric keypad - key (for subtraction)
mbkNumLock Num Lock key

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Special Characters Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkApostrophe '
mbkAt @
mbkBackSlash \
mbkComma ,
mbkEquals =
mbkGrave `
mbkMinus -
mbkLeftBracket [
mbkPeriod .
mbkPlus +
mbkPound #
mbkRightBracket ]
mbkSemicolon ;
mbkSlash /
mbkStar *

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Special Function Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkCalculator Calculator special function key
mbkCalendar Calendar special function key
mbkContacts Contacts special function key
mbkEnvelope Envelope special function key
mbkExplorer Explorer special function key
mbkMusic Music special function key

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Specific Japanese Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkEISU Japanese alphanumeric key
mbkHenkan Japanese conversion key
mbkKana Japanese kana key
mbkKatakanaHiragana Japanese katakana / hiragana key
mbkMuhenkan Japanese non-conversion key
mbkRo Japanese Ro key
mbkYen Japanese Yen key
mbkZenkakuHankaku Japanese full-width / half-width key

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TV Remote Keys

Constant Simulated Key
mbkAvrInput A/V Receiver input key
mbkAvrPower A/V Receiver power key
mbkBookmark Bookmark key
mbkCaptions Toggle captions key
mbkChannelDown Channel down key
mbkChannelUp Channel up key
mbkDVR DVR key
mbkGuide Guide key
mbkInfo Info key
mbkStbInput Set-top-box input key
mbkStbPower Set-top-box power key
mbkProgBlue Blue “programmable” key
mbkProgGreen Green “programmable” key
mbkProgRed Red “programmable” key
mbkProgYellow Yellow “programmable” key
mbkTV TV key
mbkTVInput TV input key
mbkTVPower TV power key
mbkWindow Window key

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