Sys Object Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The following properties are added to Sys object:

Property List

Name Description
_NewEnum Returns an enumerator for the collection of children that belong to the object.
ChildCount Returns the number of child objects of the given object.
Clipboard Puts text or images to the clipboard or retrieves the clipboard data.
CPU Stores the model and frequency of the computer’s processor(s).
CPUCount Returns the number of CPUs installed on your computer.
CPUUsage Returns the current approximate percentage of CPU time used by the operating system and all running processes.
Desktop Returns the desktop as the Desktop object.
DomainName Returns the name of the domain to which the current computer belongs.
Exists Tells you whether an object exists in the system.
FullName Specifies the full name that uniquely identifies the object in TestComplete.
HostName The name of the current computer.
Id Returns the object’s identifier.
MappedName Returns the custom name that is mapped to the original object name and is used to address the object in scripts.
MemUsage Returns the integral size of memory occupied by the processes which are children of the sys object.
Name Returns the object name.
NamedChild Returns a child object stored in the Name Mapping repository (by its index).
NamedChildCount Returns the number of child objects of an object stored in the Name Mapping repository.
NodeDescription Returns the description of an object stored in the Name Mapping repository.
OleObject Returns an OLE object specified by name.
OSInfo Returns the information on the currently installed operating system as OSInfo object.
Parent Returns the parent object of the given object.
UserName The name of the user under whose account you are currently working.

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