FontCollection Object

Applies to TestComplete 14.80, last modified on April 13, 2021
This object is provided by the legacy OCR plugin. In version 12.60, the plugin was replaced with the new Optical Character Recognition plugin powered by Google Cloud Vision API. To learn more, see Optical Character Recognition.
The legacy OCR plugin was removed from TestComplete in version 12.60. If you need to use objects, methods, and properties provided by the legacy plugin with this version of TestComplete, please contact our Customer Care team. The legacy OCR plugin was restored in TestComplete version 14.0. To use the objects, methods, and properties with this or later TestComplete version, you need to install and enable the plugin manually.


The FontCollection object represents a custom collection of fonts and their attributes that is used during Optical Character Recognition in TestComplete. To get the FontCollection object, access the OCROptions.Fonts property.

If you apply settings in which a custom font collection is specified to the character recognition, the default font collection will be ignored.



To view an example that demonstrates how to use the FontCollection object, see the General Recognition Procedure section of the Using Optical Character Recognition - Overview topic.

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