All the Instances of the MODULE_NAME Module Allowed by Your License Key Are Already Running

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

This page refers to key-based licenses — a legacy license type used in TestComplete until version 15.48. For information on the current, ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

A TestComplete license can include add-ons and one or several modules that provide support for various application types (Desktop, Web, Mobile). The basic TestComplete features, like test recording and playback, are available in all the modules and add-ons. Specific features are available only in appropriate modules and add-ons. For example, web testing can be performed only if you have a license for the TestComplete Web module. For more information on TestComplete modules and add-ons and on features they provide, see About TestComplete Platform, Modules and Add-Ons.


The problem indicated by this message occurs in the following scenario:

Your company has several licenses that include various modules and add-ons and uses a Floating User license. You are trying to use a feature that requires a TestComplete module or add-on that is not supported by the license you are using. In this case, TestComplete refers to the License Manager PC on your network for the appropriate license for that feature. The License Manager reports that all the available licenses for the specified feature are currently in use.

Possible Solutions

  • To continue using TestComplete without the specified feature, click Disable. TestComplete will disable this feature, and it remains disabled in your subsequent use of TestComplete. Note that you can enable this feature later after obtaining the appropriate license. For more information on how to enable features, see Installing Extensions.

  • If you need the specified feature in TestComplete, you should wait until another user who is working with this feature closes TestComplete or ask them to disable this feature on their computer. This way, the used license count for that feature decreases so that the feature becomes available for use on your computer. Alternatively, consider upgrading your license to allow more concurrent users for that feature. Contact your License Manager administrator for assistance on this.

You can try resolving the problem by using the Licensing Troubleshooter on our web site:

Licensing Troubleshooter

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