Test Steps Page - Toolbar

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The Test Steps page of the Keyword Test editor contains a toolbar that provides the following commands:

Item Description
 Record Start recording.

If the current keyword test is empty, TestComplete will add the recorded operation to the current test.

If the current test is not empty, TestComplete will show a message in which you can specify where you want to append the recorded operation: to the end of the current test, after the operation that is currently selected in the current test, or to a new keyword test.

See Creating and Recording Keyword Tests.

 Run Starts the current test.
 Add Variable Calls the Add Variable to Keyword Test wizard that allows you to add a new variable to your current keyword tests. The existing variables are listed in the Variables page of the keyword test editor.
 Add Parameter Calls the Add Parameter wizard that allows you to parameterize your current keyword test. The existing parameters are listed on the Parameters page of the Keyword Test editor.
 Move Item Up Moves the selected operation up in the operations tree.
 Move Item Down Moves the selected operation down in the operation tree.
 Outdent Item Removes the selected operations of its parent operation’s child list.
 Indent Item Makes the selected operation a child of another operation.
 Show Keyword Test Description Allows viewing and modifying the text description of the current keyword test.
 Show Keyword Test Tags Displays the Tags box where you can viewing, create or modify tags assigned to your keyword test.

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