Features Added to TestComplete 14.90

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 14.90. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

In version 14.90

Mobile testing improvements

  • You can orchestrate parallel runs of your mobile tests in the BitBar device cloud or on mobile devices controlled by a private Appium server easier, by using the Execution Plan editor of your TestComplete project:

    Orchestrating parallel mobile test runs via the Execution Plan editor

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  • The Mobile Screen window of TestComplete now shows both the list of connected mobile devices and the list of recently used devices:

    Connected and recently used devices in the Mobile Screen

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  • TestComplete now can capture images during parallel test runs on mobile devices managed by BitBar and local Appium. This can help explore the behavior of tested applications if a test fails.

    By default, capturing images during parallel test runs is disabled. Use the new Capture images during parallel test runs option to control this behavior and enable and disable capturing images when needed.

  • Support for iOS 14.5.1. If your mobile tests rely on the legacy (non-Appium) mobile support in TestComplete, you can now create and run automated tests on this iOS version.

Web testing improvements

  • You can use project and project suite variables to specify the URL of a tested website when orchestrating your parallel web test runs in the Execution Plan editor:

    Using variables to specify the tested website URL

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  • If you use the Remote Browser Loop operation to run your web tests in remote environments, now you can configure the operation to execute its child operation in one of the supported web browsers on a local computer. This may be helpful if you want to verify your web test in a local environment before running it in remote browsers or if you want to debug your web test. This is easier than modifying your entire loop to run it in a local browser.

  • Support for Google Chrome 91.

Microsoft Dynamics support

You can now create, record, and run automated tests for Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications accessed via web browsers. See Testing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications.

SAP GUI support enhancements

  • TestComplete now detects whether controls in SAP GUI have dynamic identifiers and generates identification properties that ignore the dynamic parts. This helps make automated tests for SAP GUI more reliable.

  • In previous TestComplete versions, it was possible to create automations for SAP GUI using only properties and methods that TestComplete provided for all onscreen objects. In this version, TestComplete provides extra methods and properties for the following SAP GUI controls:

    This makes creating automations easier.

  • Support for SAP GUI version 7.70.

Other improvements

  • Recommended system requirements have been updated. We recommend that you use TestComplete on the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 operating system. We also recommend that you have 16 GB of RAM or more and 1920 × 1080 or higher screen resolution on your TestComplete workstation. See System Requirements.

  • TestComplete projects now have a new Repaint window before capturing image option. If the option is enabled (by default), TestComplete will command the system to redraw windows before the test engine captures their image. This can help avoid various window rendering issues and improve the reliability of image comparison in TestComplete.

  • We have fixed several issues reported by our customers.

Discontinued support

  • Support for some earlier versions of iOS has been removed from TestComplete. Now, it supports only the latest build of version 12 — 12.5.

    If you need support for other iOS 12 versions, please contact our Customer Care team.

  • The legacy non-Chromium version of Edge has reached the end of life in March 2021. The Windows 10 April 2021 Update replaces it with the new Chromium-based version automatically. Therefore, we are deprecating support for the non-Chromium Edge in TestComplete.

    We won’t run tests for this browser, and we don’t guarantee that your web tests will run in this browser correctly. We won’t provide any bug fixes for it.

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