Requirements for Mobile Web Testing Using Emulator

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The requirements for mobile web testing are as follows:

  • A license for TestComplete Web module.

  • The following plugins:

    • Web Testing

    • Chrome Support

    These plugins are installed and enabled automatically as part of the TestComplete Web module. You can check if these plugins are active in File | Install Extensions.

  • Google Chrome 121, configured as described in Preparing Chrome for Web Testing.

    If you have a TestComplete version earlier than 12.42, your version of the SmartBear Test Extension will be incompatible with newer versions of the Chrome web browser. To test web applications in Chrome 121, you will have to upgrade your TestComplete to some later version. We recommend using version 15.63.

    If you use a later version of Google Chrome, check whether a patch is available for it.

  • Test projects must use the following project properties:

    These are the default properties for newly created TestComplete projects. If you changed the default project properties, make sure to set these properties manually.

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