Working With Mobile Screen Window

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The Mobile Screen window of TestComplete shows the screen of a mobile device connected to your test workstation. In the window, you can perform various test-related tasks.

Connecting to and disconnecting from devices

Click Select Device > New Device on the window toolbar and then specify the device to which you want to connect in the resulting dialog:

Connecting to a new device

–or –

Select the device or application to connect from the drop-down list:

Selecting a mobile device to show

The list shows devices connected to TestComplete and applications for which a testing session is opened. It also shows up to five testing sessions connected last. The list is updated automatically as you connect to and disconnect from the devices and open and close the testing sessions.

To restart the application

To restart the application running on the device and return the application to its initial state, click Restart application on the window toolbar.

On iOS devices, it is available only if the bundleId of the application has been specified upon opening a testing session.

To reconnect to the device

To reconnect to the device to which TestComplete has been connected last and to re-open a testing session on that device, click Reconnect on the window toolbar.

To disconnect from the device

To close a testing session on the connected device and to disconnect from it, click Disconnect on the device toolbar.


To start recording a test for a mobile application that the window shows, click Record Keyword Test or Record Script on the TestComplete toolbar or use any other way you find suitable to start recording. See Recording Automated Tests.

To start recording gestures (multi-touch events), click Record Gesture on the window toolbar (see below).

This is supported only for Android devices connected to your TestComplete workstation locally (legacy support). That is not supported for Android devices running in mobile device clouds.

Gestures (multi-touch events)

Recording a multi-touch event (gesture) (for Android only)

Using TestComplete, you can also record and play back multi-touch gestures.

You can record gestures only on physical devices. For more information, see Recording Gestures (Multi-Touch Events) (Legacy).
  1. Click Record Gesture on the Mobile Screen’s toolbar. This will open the Add Gesture dialog.

  2. Enter the gesture name and select a collection to save it to.

  3. Perform a gesture on your physical device.

  4. Press the Stop Recording button in the Add Gesture dialog.

TestComplete will add the recorded gesture to the Android Gesture collection of your test project.

Checking how a gesture works (for Android only)

  1. Click Select Gesture on the Mobile Screen’s toolbar.

  2. Select the gesture in the Select Gesture to Run dialog and click Run.

TestComplete will perform the gesture on the connected Android device.

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