3. Verify the Recorded Test (Legacy)

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024
The information below concerns legacy mobile tests that work with mobile devices connected to the local computer. For new mobile tests, we recommend using the newer cloud-compatible approach.

Before modifying the test for running on another mobile device, you need to make sure the recorded test functions properly. To do that, run the recorded test:

  1. In the recorded test, click Run on the editor toolbar:

    Testing Xamarin.Forms applications tutorial: Run the recorded test
  2. TestComplete will launch the Orders application on the iOS device and perform all the recorded actions on it: it will open the Samuel Clemens order and change the customer name to Mark Twain.

  3. After the test run is over, view the results in the test log:

    Testing Xamarin.Forms applications tutorial: The test results

If the test runs properly on the device where it was recorded, you can now modify it to run it on another device.

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