Troubleshooting Qt Applications

Applies to TestComplete 14.93, last modified on September 16, 2021

This topic describes typical issues you may come across when testing Qt applications with TestComplete and possible solutions to these issues.

Tip: Recording user actions with TestComplete has some specifics that depend on the tested application, its controls and other factors. These specifics include general principles of test recording, as well as specific features used to record actions over menus and toolbars, record keystrokes and user actions over web pages. For a detailed description, see Recording Specifics.
TestComplete may have problems with getting access to the application’s objects.

Along with the required plugins installed, TestComplete also requires that the following modules of the tested Qt application have their original names (in other words, you must not rename them):

  • Qt5Gui.dll
  • Qt5Core.dll
  • Qt5Widgets.dll

TestComplete uses these files when it accesses the specified application and retrieves information on its objects. So, if you rename any of these files, TestComplete will be unable to obtain information on the application’s internal objects, their methods and properties.

It is also not recommended that you modify these files. For example, the developers may delete unused functions from these files to reduce their size. We do not recommend that you do this, as it may cause problems with recognizing the tested application’s objects. In fact, the deleted functions may be used by TestComplete when it accesses the application’s objects. So, if the needed function is deleted, TestComplete will fail to recognize some objects of the application.

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