Testing Microsoft Access Applications

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

A Microsoft Access database or project typically contains tables, queries, forms that are used to view, input and modify data, macros, different reports and various other objects. You can test these applications in the same manner as you would test any other Windows application: you can simulate user actions, such as mouse clicks, keyboard input, and so on. See Simulating User Actions and Working With Standard Windows Controls for details. You could also record or create low-level test procedures and make use of other testing features supported by TestComplete (see Project Items).

To obtain access to elements of a Microsoft Access form and to the element’s properties and methods, you should use the TestComplete MSAA engine and work with Access via its COM server. For more information on testing applications that support Active Accessibility, see Using Microsoft Active Accessibility. To learn how to test COM servers, see Working With COM Objects.

The following topics provide detailed information about testing Access applications with TestComplete:

Testing Access Applications With TestComplete

Explains how you can access elements of Access applications via the user interface and via COM.

Retrieving Data From Access Reports

Explains how to retrieve data from Access reports.
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Contains information on plugins required for testing of Access applications.

Using Microsoft Active Accessibility

Explains how you can test applications that support Microsoft Active Accessibility.

Working With COM Objects

Explains how you operate with COM objects registered in the system from TestComplete tests.

Recording Automated Tests

Contains basic information on recording in TestComplete.

Running Tests

Contains general information on running tests in TestComplete.

Testing Approaches

Describes different testing types supported by TestComplete.

About Script Tests

Contains general information on writing scripts and supported scripting languages.

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