Working With Scroll Bar Controls in Desktop Windows Applications

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Scroll bars allow you to navigate through the content of the related window to show different parts of its contents. These type of controls are not used very often because many of the components contain their own scroll bars.

TestComplete lets you record and play back user actions over standard Windows controls, including scroll bar controls. When running a test, TestComplete analyzes class names of windows and associates the Win32ScrollBar object with standard Win32 scroll bar controls. This object provides access to a scroll bar control’s properties and methods. Actually, TestComplete will assign Win32ScrollBar to all objects whose class names are listed in the Default Project Properties - Object Mapping Options project’s options. This means you can add custom objects' class names to the Default Project Properties - Object Mapping Options list and perform various operations over the tested control using specific properties and methods provided by Win32ScrollBar. In addition, if the tested application is an Open Application, you can also get access to the internal properties and methods of a scroll bar control. You can explore the tested control in the Object Browser to learn which properties and methods are available to your tests.

The topics of this section describe common operations that can be performed over scroll bar controls.

Note: Though the following topics deal with scripts, you can use the same approaches while testing an application from your keyword tests. For more information, see Keyword Tests Basic Operations.

In This Section

Scrolling Content in Desktop Windows Applications

Contains information on how to perform scrolling.

Getting the Scroll Box's Position in Desktop Windows Applications

Explains how to get information about the scroll box position and the available scrolling range.

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Simulating User Actions

Explains the approaches used for simulating user actions over applications’ controls.

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