Working With Android Spinner Controls

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

TestComplete supports a number of Android controls, including spinner controls. Spinner controls display a set of items and permit the user to make an exclusive choice. The user can navigate within the spinner control and select the needed item.

If the class name of the tested spinner control is listed in the Default Project Properties - Object Mapping Options options of the current project, TestComplete associates it with Android Spinner. If you need to test custom spinner controls, you can add their class names to the Object Mapping list. In this case, they will be associated with the Android Spinner object as well. Specific properties and methods of the Android Spinner object allow you to navigate within a spinner, search for items and retrieve data from the tested spinner control.

The topics of this section provide detailed information on how to work with spinner controls.

Note: Though the following topics deal with scripts, you can use the same approaches while testing applications from your keyword tests. For more information, see Keyword Tests Basic Operations.

In This Section

Selecting Spinner Items

Explains how you can select individual spinner items.

Getting Spinner Items' Text

Explains how to obtain the text of spinner items.

Working With Drop-Down Lists

Explains how you can work with spinners’ drop-down lists.

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