Custom Branding for API Documentation

Last modified on September 18, 2023

Note: Available in SwaggerHub SaaS, SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.20.0 and later.

Organizations can add custom branding to their API documentation on SwaggerHub. The branding options include a custom logo and header color that will be displayed in consumer-facing documentation for APIs and domains.

Custom doc branding on SwaggerHub


Docs Branding is available to organizations on the Team and Enterprise plans. Team plans will display an additional “powered by SwaggerHub” badge under the custom logo.

  • PNG or JPG
  • Less than 2 MB

For the best results, use:

  • A PNG image with a transparent background
  • An image up to 230×55 px in size (larger images will be downscaled proportionally to fit this size)

Apply branding

The organization owner can configure the branding options on the Docs Branding page of the organization settings:

  1. Go to My Hub and click next to your organization name in the sidebar.

  2. Select Docs Branding in the sidebar on the left.

    Docs Branding options in organization settings in SwaggerHub
  3. Specify the branding options:

    • Upload Logo – Drag your image and drop it to the upload area, or click the upload area to select the image manually. Make sure the logo image meets the requirements.

      Tip: To crop or resize the logo, click  Edit and use the image editor (see below).
    • Alternative Text – text for the alt attribute of the logo’s <img> tag in the HTML code. For example, YourCompanyName.

    • Header Style – the documentation header color as a hexadecimal HTML color code, #xxxxxx. You can use the Google color picker to find hexadecimal color values.

  4. Click Save Draft. At this point, the branding settings have been saved, but they have not been applied yet.

  5. Click Preview to see how your branding will look like in a sample API.

  6. Finally, click Go Live to apply your custom branding.

    Go Live

The documentation pages for your organization’s APIs and domains will now appear with your custom logo.

You can crop and resize the uploaded logo as needed. To do that, click  Edit under the logo and use the logo editor tool.

SwaggerHub Docs Branding: Editing the logo

To crop the logo, click  Crop, then draw the edges of the crop area, or enter New dimensions manually. You can also click and drag the crop area to a different position. Once ready, click Apply.

SwaggerHub Docs Branding: Cropping the logo

To resize the logo, click  Scale, then drag the corners to resize the logo, or enter New dimensions manually. Once ready, click Apply. Note: The maximum logo size is 230×50 px.

The  Undo button lets you undo the last action.

Once you are happy with the new logo size, close the logo editor, then click Save Draft and Go Live.

  1. Open the Docs Branding page of the organization settings.

  2. Drag-and-drop the new logo to the logo area, or click the logo to select a new file manually.

  3. Click Save Draft, then Go Live.

Restore the default style

To restore the default SwaggerHub logo and header color in API documentation:

  1. Open the Docs Branding page of the organization settings.

  2. Remove the logo by clicking  Remove.

  3. Delete the Alternative Text and Header Style values.

  4. Click Save Draft, then Go Live.


Where are the uploaded logos stored?

SwaggerHub SaaS stores the logos in an Amazon S3 bucket.

SwaggerHub On-Premise stores the logos locally on the SwaggerHub VM.

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