Assertion Coverage

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024
The assertion coverage is only supported for SOAP services.

The assertion coverage allows you to see how much of the service contract ReadyAPI has actually asserted.

ReadyAPI: The assertion coverage

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The Assertion Results panel contains coverage information for the XPath Match assertions you have connected to a specific message. You can also access the test step, where you have defined those assertions.

To access the Assertion Results panel, open a test case, switch to the Coverage panel, and click Assertion Results at the bottom of the editor.

Coverage: Assertion Results

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View the test step

While using the Assertion Results panel, you can quickly switch to the test step:

  1. Select the step in the table.

    ReadyAPI: Selecting the test step in the assertion coverage table

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  2. Click .

  3. The step editor will appear:

    ReadyAPI: The test step editor

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View assertion settings

You can access assertion settings from the Assertion Results panel. To do this, double-click an assertion in the panel. In the subsequent dialog, configure the assertion settings as required.

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