Assertion Reference

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

Assertions are important part of validating your service. This section provides information on various assertion types available in ReadyAPI.

Property Content Assertions

Property Content assertions validate XML, XPath, XQuery, and JSON content of a message.

Compliance Assertions

Compliance assertions validate that the message structure follows the service definition. You can check various aspects of SOAP operations, HTTP methods, WSDL and WADL definitions, and Web Service standards.

Script Assertion

The Script assertion runs a script to perform custom checks against a message. You can verify message content, headers, properties and other components.

Response SLA Assertion

The Response SLA assertion checks whether the response arrives within the specified time limit.

JMS Assertions

JMS assertions check JMS messages to find out whether JMS errors occur or the request has timed out.

JDBC Assertions

JDBC assertions validate database connections within JDBC test steps.

Security Assertions

Security assertions allow you to validate security tests.

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