Automating API Tests

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.44.1, last modified on March 24, 2023

This section describes how to automate various kinds of test runs with the runner utilities provided with ReadyAPI.

Runner utilities provided with ReadyAPI

You can use the test runner utility to fully integrate functional tests into your workflow. In this case, you will be able to launch these tests from the preferred continuous integration and builder tools. There are runners for

Running automated tests headlessly

If your computer does not have a UI, you have different options for managing licensing for your automated tests

Using ID-based licensing

Running ReadyAPI on a headless machine means it works from the command line. The same happens when you run ReadyAPI and its test runners from a CI/CD build.

When connecting directly to SmartBear Hosted License Server (Online)

To specify the SmartBear account to be used for the run, you add certain parameters to the command line. Refer to this link for details.

When connecting to License Server hosted in your network (Offline)

Running ReadyAPI on a headless machine in a private network means it works from the command line and connects to the floating license server on your premises. The same happens when you run ReadyAPI and its test runners from a CI/CD build. When using your floating licenses in a private network, they will need to host in an on-premise license server. When executing your ReadyAPI tests from a CI/CD pipeline, you will need to specify the licensing credentials from your on-premise license server including the server address and port and your access credentials for the license server. Refer to this link for details.

Running tests headless or in CI/CD pipelines in a private network requires an offline (floating) license and will not work with an offline (fixed) license.

Using access for everyone with Headless Testing in Private Networks

When you have configured access for everyone in the On-Premise License Server, you still need to specify the access key credentials for headless test calls. To do this, you should:

  1. Request and install On-Premise Server on your headless machine.
  2. Log in with the following credentials:
    • username: anonymous.user
    • password: <any, but cannot be left blank>
  3. In the top right corner of the On-Premise License Server UI, select > Access Key and copy the access key in the subsequent dialog.
  4. Use the access key in your command line configuration as specified in your product's documentation.

Using file-based licensing

You should use the command-line License Manager. The topics of this section describe how to do this.

Please note that from October 2023, we won't provide file-based licensing. Instead, we will replace it with SmartBear ID-based licensing - SmartBear ID-based licenses are a new license management option that we started using in ReadyAPI 3.8.1. It is more reliable and convenient than the before-used license type. This notice is to alert all users that we are phasing out the previous licensing model in October 2023. As we approach this milestone, we're encouraging customers to transition over. Now is the time to start planning that transition. You should immediately engage with your SmartBear Account Manager to understand the steps involved in transitioning and getting started. Please read here to learn more.


TestEngine is a standalone runner of ReadyAPI functional tests. You can install it on a dedicated machine in your network and use it as a central hub that runs all the ReadyAPI functional tests in your team. Please see more on this topic here.

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