MSSQL Server 2017 Monitor

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

The Microsoft SQL Server 2017 monitor provides you with SQL Server XTP (In-Memory OLTP) Performance metrics.


To monitor an MSSQL database, you need to prepare it in the same way you prepare Windows servers for testing:

  • ReadyAPI must run on a Windows machine. Windows, IIS and MSSQL monitors are not available on Linux and macOS machines.

  • The Remote Registry service must be enabled on the server.

  • Ports 139 and 445 must be open on the server, the computer with ReadyAPI and any proxy between them.

  • The user account must have Performance Monitor or Administrator permissions on the server.

For more information on how to prepare Windows machines for testing, see Preparing Servers For Monitoring.

Monitor Settings

The monitor does not have settings.

SQL Server XTP (In-Memory OLTP) Performance metrics Metrics

ReadyAPI accesses a number of SQL Server performance objects. For a full list of available statistics, see the SQL Server XTP (In-Memory OLTP) Performance Counters article in MSDN.

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