Load Testing Templates

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

Different Load Testing Templates

When load testing a web server, you need to use different load conditions to see how the server handles them. Here are some questions that your load tests should answer:

  • What number of users can work with the server at the same time?

  • How long can users work with the server before the restart is needed?

  • What if a high number of users are working with the server for an extended period?

  • What happens if a sudden spike of users that the server cannot handle happens?

Below are some mostly used load testing strategies that help you find answers to these questions:

Strategy What a strategy involves
Default testing Testing the service with default load settings.
Baseline testing Finding out whether your server handles an expected load and creating a baseline for later tests.
Peak testing Finding out how well your server handles the increased load that can happen during rush hours.
Stress testing Finding out the maximum load your server can handle.
Soak testing Finding out how long your server can work without outside interference.
Spike testing Finding out whether your server handles a sudden short spike of a high load.
Smoke testing Finding out whether your test is configured correctly and your server responds to requests.

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