Features Added to ReadyAPI 3.48.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024
Important Notice for ReadyAPI Customers

ReadyAPI has moved to SmartBear License Management. From October 2023, ReadyAPI will no longer provide file-based licensing. You need to migrate as soon as possible so your service remains uninterrupted. Please view this 45-minute webinar to learn:

  • What is SLM?

  • Why are we doing it?

  • What options are available?

  • What is our SLM readiness checklist?

  • What are the next steps?

  • Demo

  • Live Q&A

Contact your SmartBear Account Manager to plan your migration or contact support if you require assistance.

ReadyAPI 3.48.0 includes a few changes compared to the previous product version – ReadyAPI 3.47.0. For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.

Enhanced Authentication

We introduced basic authentication with a username and password for SmartBear ID sign-ins. Click here to learn more.

ReadyAPI Feature Enhancement

  • Added SSL support for AMQP.

  • Integrated JUnit 5 dependencies into the ReadyAPI project, allowing the creation of new tests using the latest JUnit version.

  • Optimized the authentication algorithm of automated scripts by extending the default time from 5000ms to 20000ms. Additionally, we added 5-second intervals to monitor authorization progress, enhancing the user experience and execution times of automated authorization.

General Updates

  • Upgraded the Jira plugin to version 1.6.5. For more information, refer to this link.

  • Updated guava to version 32.0.1-jre in the axm repository.

  • gRPC is not supported in ReadyAPI Virtualization. Now, ReadyAPI alerts users that creating a virtual service from a gRPC definition is not possible.

Please see here for a list of fixes and security vulnerabilities included in this patch.

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