Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.48.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.48.0, we fixed the following issues reported by our customers:


RIA-5xxx1 represents the Jira ticket number. It will help you track back bugs resolved in version 3.48.0.
  • Fixed:
    • A performance issue on M1 MacBook Pro when handling large (5.3 MB) responses. (RIA-20205)

    • A problem that prevented the shutdown of a VirtServer instance. (RIA-21088)

    • An error encountered by customers while sending a request (Patch) in ReadyAPI with the same authentication as other requests. (RIA-21065)

    • An issue with the project scripting language. Users are now informed that changes to the scripting language will only take effect after reloading the project. (RIA-21020)

    • A problem with Allure reports not opening automatically after generation. (RIA-20383)

    • An issue caused ReadyAPI to freeze in some cases when the user attempted to obtain an access token using the OAuth 2.0 wizard. (RIA-21011)

    • A deployment problem with TCP Virtual Server led to an error dialog stating that future.cancel cannot be invoked because the future is null. (RIA-21143)

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