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Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024
Important Notice for ReadyAPI Customers

ReadyAPI has moved to SmartBear License Management and from October 2023, file-based licensing will be retired. As of September 2023, all licenses issued for your subscription term will be ID-based licenses by default. If you are not currently on ID-based licensing, it's time to migrate immediately. File-based licensing will no longer be supported as of October 2023. This means that technical support requests related to file-based licensing will not be accommodated. If you encounter technical issues that you're unable to resolve, it could lead to service interruption. For customers still in the process of migration, we recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to discuss your migration plan. Alternatively, you can log a support request with our Customer Care Team for assistance.

For more details regarding licensing support, please refer to this link.

To use ReadyAPI, you need either a trial or a commercial license for one of ReadyAPI applications (ReadyAPI Test, ReadyAPI Performance, or ReadyAPI Virtualization).

If you do not have a license, you can request it on our web site.

About licenses

A Trial license is a 14-day license that supports all the Pro features of one of ReadyAPI applications (a ReadyAPI Performance trial license provides the Pro features, but limits the number of available virtual users).
A trial license cannot be renewed. If you need more time to evaluate the product, please contact our Support Team. Also, a trial license cannot be applied after a commercial license was used.

Commercial Pro licenses are time-limited (1-3 years).
A commercial license for one of ReadyAPI applications activates all the features of this application (including the Pro features) and enables the basic functionality of the other applications. For instance, a ReadyAPI Virtualization Pro license allows you to use all the features of ReadyAPI Virtualization, as well as the basic features of ReadyAPI Test and ReadyAPI Performance.

VirtServer licenses differ from other ReadyAPI licenses and are activated from the console.
Both trial and commercial licenses can be activated on physical and virtual computers and on cloud machines.

Fixed and floating license types

ReadyAPI uses fixed and floating licenses. You can use fixed and floating licenses for different tools on the same computer.


A fixed license allows only one user to run the product on a computer where it was activated. To activate a license, you use the License Manager dialog. To change the computer or user, you can move the license.


A floating license allows multiple users to use the product on different computers, but each license can be used only by one user at a time.

To activate a floating license, you use Floating License Server.

When you check out a license in the License Manager dialog, ReadyAPI will store information on the connection to the server locally. Every time you start ReadyAPI, it gets the license from this server if there is an available license.

When you close ReadyAPI, it releases the license and another computer can use it. If you do not use ReadyAPI for 12 hours (if you do not work with it and there are no running tests), the floating license will be released automatically. When you return to work, you will be able to check out the license again. This way, you use the license only when using ReadyAPI.

If you need more seats for your floating license, please contact your account manager.

To stop using the applied license, check in the license in the License Manager dialog. This will clear the connection information and ReadyAPI will no longer be able to get the license automatically.

Tool-specific and bundle licenses

You can purchase a license for one of the applications (for example, a ReadyAPI Test Pro license) or a bundle license for ReadyAPI Test Pro, ReadyAPI Virtualization Pro and ReadyAPI Performance Pro.


Every license for a ReadyAPI application enables all the features of this application (including the Pro features) and the basic functionality of the other applications. For example, a ReadyAPI Performance Pro license enables all ReadyAPI Performance features, as well as the basic functionality of ReadyAPI Test and ReadyAPI Virtualization.

If you need the Pro functionality of these tools, purchase the corresponding Pro license.


A bundle license enables all the features of ReadyAPI Test Pro, ReadyAPI Performance Pro and ReadyAPI Virtualization Pro. The maximum number of simultaneous virtual users for ReadyAPI Performance Pro with a bundle license is limited to 100.

If you already have some tool-specific licenses installed, a bundle license will replace these licenses if you install it. However, the previous licenses will not be deactivated, and will be automatically applied if you uninstall the bundle license. If you want to move the previous licenses to another machine, deactivate them before installing a bundle license.

Activating licenses

The license activation steps depend on the license type you have. For detailed information, see Activating Licenses.

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