Check out Floating Licenses on Headless Machines

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.44.1, last modified on March 24, 2023

This page is related to file-based licenses — a legacy license type used in ReadyAPI 3.44.1. This license type will be sunsetted from October 2023. For information on the current ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

This topic describes how to consume a floating license from Protection! Licensing Server 5 that is compatible with ReadyAPI 3.3.1 and later. If you use earlier version, see Check out Floating Licenses on Headless Machines (Legacy).

You can apply floating licenses on headless machines by using a command-line license manager.


  • Before checking out a floating license on your machine, you need to install and configure the server on your computer or on some machine in your local network. See Configure License Server 5.x for details.

  • Your computer must have access to the license server. Make sure the firewalls and proxies in your network do not block the access.

  • The machine where ReadyAPI is installed should be able to connect to the license server machine by using the IP address for which the license is issued. In most cases, it means that there should not be NATs, load balancers, and other intermediates that remap the IP address of the license server machine.

  • If you access the floating License Server through a firewall (for example, from a remote server or from home), you will need to open port 443. Ask your system administrator for assistance, if needed.

Apply license

  1. Download the License Manager packaged application from the SmartBear website.

    Note: The License Manager requires Java 12. You can use Java shipped with ReadyAPI or download the required version from
  2. Run the License Manager .bat (or .sh on Linux and macOS) file with the -s <serverIP>:<Port> option:

    • For example, if you use Java shipped with ReadyAPI, perform the following commands:

      cd <ReadyAPI directory>\jre\bin
      <path to license manager>\license-manager.bat -s

    • If you use Java 12 installed in your operating system, perform the following command:

      license-manager.bat -s

  3. The License Manager will ask you what license information (ReadyAPI Test, ReadyAPI Performance, ReadyAPI Virtualization, VirtServer or TestEngine) you want to check out. Specify the license by entering the relevant number.

    How to automate

The License Manager will check out the license from the license server and apply it.

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