File-Based License End-of-Support Policy

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.54, last modified on July 23, 2024

This page describes our End-of-Support Policy for File-based licensing including Protection LS and key-based license types. If you're looking for technical support for ReadyAPI, please go to our support portal.

About Licensing in ReadyAPI

ReadyAPI has transitioned to ID-based licensing, referred to as SmartBear License Management (SLM). Starting October 2023, ReadyAPI will discontinue file-based licensing. For additional details, refer to this link.

SLM or ID-based licensing was introduced to ReadyAPI in versions 3.8.1 (with SmartBear hosting ID-based licenses) and 3.40.0 (allowing customers to convert and host ID-based licenses on-premise for offline use).

Our support policies vary based on the license type you have installed. You can find your license type by checking the ReadyAPI product or the associated licensing portal.

  • If you log into ReadyAPI via SmartBear for license installation, view/access licenses via, or see a license number starting with R***-FL or R***-FX on the ReadyAPI Manage License screen, you are using ID-based licenses.

    ID based license

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    ID based license

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  • If you activate through file-based license keys or the ProtectionLS floating license server, or view/access licenses through, you are using the legacy file-based licensing model, which will be retired in 2025.

For customers using Legacy File-Based Licenses

As part of transitioning to ID-Based licensing, legacy license model will continue to be available until 2025.

Starting October 1, 2023, support for file-based licensing was discontinued. Customers using file-based licensing as of that date can use support for assistance in migrating to ID-based licensing. Refer to the ReadyAPI documentation for an overview of the migration process to ID-based licensing. Our support includes assistance in obtaining security approvals and conducting trials to ensure SLM compatibility within your environment and pipelines.

Any concerns reported regarding file-based licensing, including security vulnerabilities related to the Protection LS Floating license server, will not be addressed after October 1, 2023. For all issues linked to file-based licensing, including the Protection LS floating license server, migrating to ID-based licensing is the recommended resolution.

Should you have inquiries or require help with the transition to ID-based licenses, please reach out to your Account Representative or submit a support request through our Customer Care Team.

If you cannot migrate from file-based licensing before September 1, 2024, it is crucial to contact your SmartBear representative immediately to align with our deprecation plans and avoid disruptions. Additionally, retaining file-based licenses for any solution expansions or renewals after this date will result in a service charge of up to 30% of the renewal or expansion invoice value to cover the extension costs. To avoid these charges, please initiate your migration now.

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