Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

XML-RPC method properties relate to settings for the XML-RPC method. They derive from the definition, so you cannot edit them.

Method Editor

Right-click a method to open the Method editor.

The Method editor shows the information about the XML-RPC method of the sent request. It includes two sections:

  • The Common Info section provides general information about the method:

    Option Description

    The method name on the server.


    The description of the operation. Does not affect the request execution.

  • The Extended Info section provides information about request parameter types and the result expected in the response:

    Option Description
    Parameters A list of parameter types that the method expects in the request separated by semicolons (;).
    Result A list of results that the method returns separated by semicolons (;).

Method Properties

You can find a list of method properties in the Properties panel.

All method properties are read-only.
Method Properties
Property Description

The method description provided by the service.


The method identification provided by the service.


The method type. For example, Request-Response.


The number of parameters the method expects in the request.

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