Applies to QAComplete 12.30 SaaS, last modified on August 15, 2019

SaaS 12.30

  • Pass custom arguments for automated tests as parameters within the test set.

  • Improvements for dashboards:

    • A new dashboard, Test Execution Burndown, shows statistics on the tests and test sets associated with a specific release

    • You can now download any dashboard in the PNG format

On-Premises 12.13

  • Improvements for tests:

    • An ability to call tests directly from other tests to create nested tests.

    • New shared parameters: Use them for all tests within a specific test set.

  • Improvements for dashboards:

    • The Test Set by Last Run status dashboard: Add it to your Home screen to get a quick overview of your latest test set run results.

    • The new Share Dashboards feature: Use it to share your dashboard settings and layout with other users working on your project.

  • REST API improvements:

    • The new PUT operation updates the existing test runs in your QAComplete instance.

    • The POST operation for a new endpoint restarts test runs.

  • A new UI for the Run History screen:

    • More convenient navigation
    • Improved filtering and grouping
    • Advanced screen editing
  • The UI of item list screens has been improved.

  • The new filter criterion Folder Name including Sub-folders: Look for a folder with the needed keyword in its name.

  • The QAComplete Integration for JIRA plugin now supports JIRA versions 7.0.0–8.0.2.

Interested in the history of features and information on fixes? See Version History.

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