Bug Fixes in QAComplete 14.4 - MAY 18, 2024

Applies to QAComplete 14.4 On-Premises and SAAS, last modified on June 20, 2024
ID Functional Area Summary
QAC-14987 Filter Fixed: Create filter fails on User screen for date conditions
QAC-15023 Report Fixed:Getting 500 internal server error on clicking "preview this chart" from Manage Dashboard Charts
QAC-14849 Tests Fixed:Do not execute scripts added to editors during test run
QAC-14825 Tests Fixed:Do not execute scripts added to editors
QAC-14921 Screen Layout Unable to set default values for Test Library.
QAC-14972 Fast Edit An Invalid value in the SearchWhere field '{3}' error appears after performing Fast Edit-Update Multiple Items. The update action does still appear to complete successfully but the error message always appears after it has completed.
QAC-15036 Security QAC XSS possible on session timeout

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