Bug Fixes in QAComplete 14.1 - February 28, 2022

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
ID Functional Area Summary
QAC-14728 Linked Items Fixed the incorrect tooltip of the delete (unlink) button on the Linked Items tab in editors.
QAC-14729 Linked Items Fixed: The Linked Items tab did not show the custom field values of Agile Tasks.
QAC-14742 Attachments Fixed: An error occurred when trying to view or download XML files attached to tests.
QAC-14743 Emails Fixed: An error occurred when trying to send or preview emails from the release editor.
QAC-14747 Jira Integration Fixed the empty Jira Value list in the mapping of Lookup fields.
QAC-14750 Agile Tasks Fixed: Changes made to Agile Tasks could not be saved if the Requested By field was configured as required.
QAC-14771 Fast Edit Fixed: The Update multiple items flow did not update the value of checkbox fields in test sets.
QAC-14772 Custom Fields Fixed: When creating a project by copying another project with custom fields, these custom fields were not copied to the Screen Layouts of the new project.

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