Features Added to QAComplete 11.1, July 2016

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
  • The QAComplete Test Runner got a new look and some new features:

    • When running tests, you can attach files to the actual and expected results of a test step.

  • Updated REST API:

    • New operations to manage users and security groups.

    • New operations to add automation to tests in the Test Library.

    • Operations that return a list of items (such as requirements or defects) now allow you to filter the returned items.

  • Enhanced integration with TestComplete:

    • Users of 12 can add TestComplete tests to the QAComplete Test Library directly from TestComplete.

    • The new Test Agent allows uploading results of TestComplete automated tests in the format that can be viewed with all browsers.

  • Streamlined installation procedure:

    • QAComplete now uses a single installer to both install and update QAComplete. You no longer need to install the updater utility to update your QAComplete version.

    • The installer will automatically update your QAComplete installation and connect to your database. You no longer need to uninstall QAComplete first.

      Note: The streamlined update procedure is available for QAComplete version 11. If you use an earlier version of QAComplete, please contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

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