Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.1 - Build 11.1.244 - July 17, 2016

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-3408 Dashboards Dashboards must show the filters applied.
QAC-3610 Dashboards Show unspecified date values on the dashboards correctly.
QAC-3583 Dashboards Previewing custom dashboards returned an error.
QAC-2134 Importing/Exporting When exporting a test to CSV, the Steps and Description fields must be exported without HTML formatting tags.
QAC-3496 Licensing Users should be able to update a license even if PayerUserId for their department does not exist in the database.
QAC-3522 Licensing Change the Evaluation License Expiration label to License Expiration on the Manage License screen.
QAC-3652 Performance Limit the size of the QAComplete session database log.
QAC-3649 Reports Report engine must support selecting multiple fields using Shift and click.
QAC-3656 Reports Running a report with a filter including non-existing fields caused a server error.
QAC-3420 Reports Running a report with custom date fields returned an error.
QAC-3461 Reports When creating report filters, sort the field lists alphabetically.
QAC-3460 Reports Allow click-to-edit values in filter conditions.
QAC-3458 Reports Show long filter conditions properly.
QAC-3457 Reports The filter editor in the new report engine should allow deleting filters.
QAC-3269 Reports Improve formatting and alignment of report columns.
QAC-3597 Reports Correct the display of test steps and expected results in the Test Library reports.
QAC-1867 Reports Handle brackets in file names of uploaded Crystal Reports.
QAC-3774 Reports Do not add unnecessary apostrophes (') around filter values.
QAC-3942 Reports Saved Reports must show dates in the same format as configured in system options.
QAC-2945 Reports, Email Alerts Correct the product name in the Reports and default Email Alert template.
QAC-2873 Email Alerts Send a correct welcome email to imported Active Directory users.
QAC-1062 Reports, Performance Long-running SQL queries should not block other queries.
QAC-3041 REST API POST methods must set the default date values correctly.
QAC-3721 REST API Sort requirements properly before returning paged results.
QAC-3720 REST API Handle limit is 0 in GET methods.
QAC-2902 Rich Text Deleting text in Rich Text editors must also delete the formatting tags for this text.
QAC-3577 Rich Text Remove extra formatting tags when pasting text into Rich Text editors.
QAC-3492 Rich Text The Printer Friendly view displayed test step details with the < and > characters incorrectly if the Rich Text editor was disabled for the Test Steps screen.
QAC-3624 Security Allow hiding the Forgot Password and Change Password links from the Login screen.
QAC-3780 Security Escape values of filter conditions properly.
QAC-2713 Shared Documents Shared documents must handle file names with spaces.
QAC-94 Task Board Team task board must only show items from the current project.
QAC-284 Test Agent Active Directory users should be able to register the Test Agent.
QAC-3533 Test Runner Users should be able to continue test runs started by other users.
QAC-3029 Test Runner Hide inactive test hosts from the Run By Host list in the Test Runner.
QAC-3663 Tests ReadyAPI automated tests with failed steps were displayed as passed.
QAC-3823 Tests Warn about unsaved changes to test steps when switching to another test on the list.
QAC-2874 Users Ensure that new Active Directory users can log in successfully if the At login, automatically create a new SoftwarePlanner user option is enabled.
QAC-3734 Users Handle extra trailing slashes in the Login screen URL.
QAC-3904 Users Fix the password reset link in the emails.
QAC-3253 Users Redesign Forgot Password emails.

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