Features Added to QAComplete 10.2, September 2015

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
  • You can now work with QAComplete using Edge on a Windows 10 computer.

  • A new Lists module allows you to create customized input forms for specific business needs and for use in custom fields.

  • A new Shared Documents module provides a place for your team members to share documents and to track versions.


  • Version 10.2 provides a new REST API for defects, requirements, attachments, and notes.

    If you work with the QAComplete using the web service API, we recommend using the new REST operations as they are faster than the SOAP service. However, the existing SOAP-based operations are still available.

JIRA Connector

  • The JIRA Connector implements a new synchronization algorithm that makes synchronization faster and smoother. The new algorithm significantly decreases the number of synchronization conflicts you have to resolve.

  • The Connector now supports connections to your JIRA and QAComplete > ALMComplete server via proxy.

  • When you are configuring connection settings, you can now select the JIRA project and JIRA user accounts from drop-down lists rather than type their numeric identifiers.

  • The JIRA Field column on the Field Mapping screen now lists only the fields that are available for the selected JIRA item in the specified JIRA project.

  • The Connector offers better capabilities for synchronizing JIRA’s fields that store multiple values (like Labels.

  • The JIRA Connector has an updated installation wizard. If a previous version of the JIRA Connector exists, the installation wizard will offer an upgrade.

Download the new JIRA connector

Security, Licensing, and Setup Enhancements

  • To release a license and for security purposes, QAComplete now automatically logs out a user after two hours of user inactivity.

  • Version 10.2 includes an improved algorithm for calculating time zones for Daylight Savings time changes.

Test Management Improvements

  • You can pass parameters from QAComplete automated tests into TestComplete tests.

Download the new Test Agent

  • When running a test or test set, you can select any build or iteration below a linked release without manually linking all items directly to the test or test set.

  • Test Coverage Run reports will include run history for all builds and iterations below a selected release.

Performance and Usability Enhancements

  • Improved performance of the following subsystems:

    • SOAP web service (psWS)
    • Filters and searching
    • Saving Ad Hoc reports to spreadsheets
    • Test Management and handling test steps
  • You can now expand and collapse folders anywhere you see them.

  • You can open and edit items from the Team Task Board by clicking on the item’s ID.

  • For new trials, the sample project has been updated with new sample data to help you get started.

  • Also, we have fixed a number of issues reported by our customers.

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