Bug Fixes in QAComplete 10.2 - Oct, 2015

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-1627 Attachments Handle attachments with a plus symbol in the file name correctly.
QAC-1145 Browser support Lock the header row in security group maintenance (Chrome and Firefox).
QAC-1258 Browser support Correct display issues with Internet Explorer 11.
QAC-1364 Browser support Support Windows 10 and the Edge browser.
QAC-1649 Browser support Handle attachments with a space in the file name correctly in Chrome.
QAC-1274 Custom Fields Fix the name validation and error message if the name of a custom field is a system reserved value.
QAC-1591 Custom Fields Add Title to the available fields for custom field (based on another field).
QAC-1691 Custom Fields Make custom fields on users available across all projects.
QAC-1869 Custom Fields Fix missing custom fields in screen layouts.
QAC-1476 Dashboard Drill-down from Tests by Last Run Status dashboard chart needs to return current project data.
QAC-1710 Dashboard On the dashboards, return data for sprints or builds below the selected release.
QAC-610 Email The Take me there link in emails should go to a new tab if the user is currently logged in.
QAC-1470 Email After sending an email, do not display Auto fill from recent text.
QAC-1472 Email Insert custom field data into emails using tags.
QAC-1522 Email Correct FK Element not found error when using the Request Status Email feature.
QAC-1714 Escalation Rules Support HTTPS links in generated emails.
QAC-1352 Fast Edit The name of the configuration was missing on Configurations > Fast Edit.
QAC-1448 Fast Edit Copy automation-related data when cloning or copying a test with Fast Edit.
QAC-1726 Fast Edit Correct the Sort by Folder order on the Fast Edit screen.
QAC-1727 Fast Edit Fix checkbox display issue on Fast Edit > Choose Fields.
QAC-1304 Filters Make sure quick search can find the ampersand character (&).
QAC-1308 Filters Load tests filter on Test Sets screen even if using extended character (Internet Explorer).
QAC-1506 Filters When creating a filter, do not have the Company Wide checkbox checked.
QAC-1377 Folders Provide expand and collapse capability wherever folders appear.
QAC-1131 History Add auditing (history) for changes to test automations.
QAC-1613 Import Import greater than and less than symbols correctly.
QAC-1931 Import Import double quotes in plain text fields correctly.
QAC-909 JIRA Connector Support connecting via proxy.
QAC-1084 JIRA Connector Use .NET 4.5 to resolve issues with users mapping.
QAC-1473 JIRA Connector Mask passwords in the profile export XML file.
QAC-1562 JIRA Connector Display users by name in a drop-down list for mapping.
QAC-1563 JIRA Connector Display projects by name in a drop-down list for mapping. Ensure the user has permission to the displayed projects.
QAC-1624 JIRA Connector Check the time stamp of changes at the field level to prevent unwarranted data updates.
QAC-1721 JIRA Connector Correct unexpected error in the attachments request.
QAC-1821 JIRA Connector Handle custom fields in JIRA that use the same name as a built-in field.
QAC-1971 JIRA Connector Support JIRA lookup-type fields.
QAC-1750 Lists Display newly created list on the Security Groups screen.
QAC-602 On-Premises Re-enable the preference to allow test steps to be more than 4000 characters (TestSteps-MaximumCharacterstoStore).
QAC-986 On-Premises If an Active Directory user has multiple Active Directory accounts, use the correct account for authentication at login.
QAC-1003 On-Premises Return to list of reports after navigating from Report Maintenance.
QAC-1007 On-Premises A new setting in the web configuration file controls what level of errors are logged.
QAC-1366 On-Premises New installation wizard.
QAC-1596 On-Premises Support Submit and Add Another functionality for active directory users.
QAC-1762 On-Premises Generate the correct URL for quick links.
QAC-1764 On-Premises Correct the quick link for on-premises installations.
QAC-854 Performance Optimize the handling of test steps.
QAC-1126 Performance Optimize performance of SOAP web service.
QAC-1259 Performance Optimize login procedures.
QAC-1658 Performance Optimize the performance at log in.
QAC-608, QAC-1736, QAC-1873 Performance Optimize the navigation panel and folder performance.
QAC-1788 Performance Optimize the Test Library Detail by Requirement report.
QAC-1930 Performance Optimize the performance of custom fields and queries.
QAC-1399 Project Management Correct the paging navigation in user security on the hierarchical view.
QAC-1991 Project Management Correct the navigation in My Tasks from the hierarchical view to allow posting hours.
QAC-1425 psWS Web Service Optimize the psWS web service to resolve performance and memory errors.
QAC-1439 psWS Web Service Resolve the Object is not valid error in psWS web service.
QAC-1500 psWS Web Service When updating, do not perform validations on fields that were not changed.
QAC-1789 psWS Web Service Provide an error when psWS cannot handle extended characters.
QAC-512 Quick Edit Display plain text custom fields in the proper size.
QAC-1305 Releases Auto-fill the folder name when creating iterations and builds.
QAC-283 Reports Do not display linked items on the release drill-down for users with no permission to access traceability.
QAC-470 Reports Add a release selector to the Test Library Detail by Test Set report.
QAC-536 Reports Improve the performance of Save to Spreadsheet function for the Test Library Ad Hoc Detail report.
QAC-595 Reports Re-write the Release report.
QAC-1223 Reports Save the selected linked items on ad-hoc personal reports.
QAC-1306 Reports Make sure the export handles double quote characters correctly.
QAC-1317 Reports Additional information added to the Test Run History report.
QAC-1403 Reports Save the selected linked items on ad-hoc personal reports.
QAC-1419 Reports (On-premises only) Prevent time out error when downloading Crystal Reports.
QAC-1453 Reports Include iterations and builds below the selected release on the Test Coverage Run reports.
QAC-1709 Reports When selecting a release, return data for the sprints or build below on the Test Coverage Run reports.
QAC-705 REST API Fix the XML templates on the REST service page.
QAC-1296 Screen Layouts Populate the assignee on a defect from system defaults when auto-creating a defect from a failed test.
QAC-911 Security Re-instate the two hour time out limit for releasing licenses.
QAC-1120 Security Log users out appropriately at the two hour time out limit.
QAC-1401 Security Do not allow user to log himself out.
QAC-1193 Setup Add import ID to filtering in Users.
QAC-1202 Setup Update the First Login field properly for all users.
QAC-1344 Setup Disable Security Admin checkbox on Manage Security Rights based on permissions.
QAC-1386 Setup Ensure that users are shown as logged in or out correctly in Setup.
QAC-1284 Stability Fix the grouping filter error that occurs after IIS resets.
QAC-1299 Stability Prevent quick search errors.
QAC-936 Team Task Board On the team task board, click the ID of the item to open it in a new tab.
QAC-1381 Test Agent Support Maven 3.3.1.
QAC-311 Test Automation Base the time stamp on test schedule history on the selected time zone of the user.
QAC-450 Test Automation Provide a message if TestComplete or TestExecute is already running.
QAC-600 Test Automation Pass parameters from automated tests into TestComplete.
QAC-681 Test Automation Automatically refresh the Test Runner when the run is complete.
QAC-846 Test Automation Pass parameters from automated tests into TestComplete.
QAC-901 Test Automation Show a clear message when an automation upload is too large.
QAC-1230 Test Automation Correct the navigation from the Automations tab when editing a test.
QAC-1231 Test Automation Correct the navigation from the Automations tab when editing a test.
QAC-1662 Test Automation Download automation attachments using either the icon or the link (prevent 403 error).
QAC-1077 Test Library Refresh the list of steps when selecting steps in a test.
QAC-1078 Test Library Refresh title changes when navigating in a test.
QAC-1187 Test Library Update the Date Updated field on a test when triggering a new version with edited steps.
QAC-1487 Test Library Disable the drop-down list on the attachment edit form on a test. This is not a changeable field.
QAC-1773 Test Library Correct the history when generating new test versions.
QAC-1798 Test Management Correct the paging for read-only users in Test Management.
QAC-1946 Test Management Handle < and > symbols in test steps correctly.
QAC-448 Test Runner Allow running tests or test sets against builds below a linked release or iteration.
QAC-1175 Test Runner Disable the end run buttons when run is complete.
QAC-1224 Test Runner Handle single quotes in actual results correctly.
QAC-1343 Test Runner Save changes to steps and the actual results when editing steps during a run.
QAC-1577 Test Runner Support test set titles of 255 characters in the test run and run history.
QAC-1760 Test Runner In the Test Runner, make sure the Pause button saves run results.
QAC-1650 Test Sets Navigate back to the Test Sets screen from Return to Listing link when editing a test within the test set.
QAC-347, 971 Timezones Adjust time zones for daylight savings changes.
QAC-772 Traceability Links Move the Edit icon on linked items to the left so it always visible.
QAC-1825 Traceability Links Show strike through text for linked items that are inactive.

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