Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.9 - Build 11.9.1640 - September 30, 2018

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-9047 Attachments Fixed: It was impossible to attach files with names containing the # character.
QAC-9713 Defects Fixed: In some cases, a user could not create a new defect.
QAC-9771 Defects Fixed: In some cases, the link between a new defect and a release disappeared when a user changed the status of this defect.
QAC-9837 Defects Fixed: Use of HTML elements in text fields like Description or Steps to Reproduce might cause garbled display of information on the Defects screen.
QAC-10051 Defects Fixed: An error occurred when a user imported defects from a file and had the Test Case ID custom field in defects.
QAC-2921 Filters Fixed: Sometimes, filtering did not work properly for custom multiselect fields.
QAC-9862 Filters Fixed: When a user created a filter for the Status field, the Closed value was unavailable for selection if their user account did not have the Allow closing of items permission in the Defects group in Setup.
QAC-9456 Import and export Fixed: The tests whose names contained special characters (such as <>&^) could not be imported or exported properly.
QAC-9624 Import and export Fixed: If a user imported a CSV file containing empty values in date/time fields, the resulting QAComplete items contained wrong data in these fields.
QAC-9841 Import and export Fixed: If a value of some field in the list a user was exporting contained line breaks, the resulting file contained <br/> tags instead of line breaks.
QAC-8532 JIRA integration Fixed: If the values of a QAComplete custom field were based on another QAComplete field, this field was synchronized with JIRA incorrectly.
QAC-9626 JIRA integration Fixed: In Integrations, the QAComplete interface looked as if QAComplete was able to establish a connection to a JIRA instance that had no QAComplete plugin installed on it.
QAC-9627 JIRA integration Fixed: Unclear text of an error message that appeared when a user was trying to configure a connection between QAComplete and JIRA, but the QAComplete plugin had been removed from the JIRA instance.
QAC-9674 JIRA integration Fixed: Some JIRA fields were not synchronized properly with QAComplete.
QAC-9970 JIRA integration Fixed: The Error mapping type error could occur when a user opened field mapping settings. This happened if JIRA users had no emails specified, or if the emails were hidden.
QAC-9795 Licensing Fixed: The Number of concurrent users counter in Setup worked incorrectly.
QAC-9298 Linked items Fixed: In some cases, when a user clicked a value in the Number of linked tests column on the item list screen, they encountered an interface issue which caused the Create Test form and Traceability screen appear one after another in an endless loop.
QAC-9840 Linked items Fixed: The Traceability screen could appear blank when a user called it from the Releases screen.
QAC-9858 Lists Fixed: The error You do not have the security authority to perform this action occurred when a user tried to send an email for a list item, even if they have full permissions to work with that list.
New UI Improvement: QAComplete treats fields containing numeric values as integers, not as strings, which allows you to sort them in a convenient way – 1, 2, 11 instead of 1, 11, 2.
QAC-8117 New UI Fixed: The server-side issue caused a browser to download fonts too frequently to work with the new UI screens.
QAC-9013 New UI Fixed: The item list screen showed columns as the ones set by default after a user applied some changes to the layout of this screen in System Configuration, even if a user had moved or removed some columns from this screen.
QAC-9235 New UI Fixed: All the check boxes added as custom fields appeared with duplicate captions.
QAC-9421 New UI Improvement: If a user performs a search by a keyword on the item list screen, and then moves to another screen, the item list remains filtered by the keyword.
QAC-9534 New UI Fixed: In some cases, new UI screens could not be accessed from old UI screens.
QAC-9591 New UI Improvement: It is now possible to replace existing attachments instead of adding new ones.
QAC-9592 New UI Improvement: It is now possible to download an attachment using a direct link.
QAC-9660 New UI Fixed: After a user renamed a second-level folder, it disappeared from the new UI, though it could be accessed in the old UI.
QAC-9702 New UI Fixed: QAComplete did not show Greek characters properly in the Title field of the Create and Edit forms.
QAC-9703 New UI Fixed: In some versions of Mozilla Firefox, the Add button disappeared from the Linked Items panel of the Edit forms.
QAC-9704 New UI Improvement: If a user groups items by some criteria on the item list screen, and then moves to another screen, the item list remains filtered by the specified criteria.
QAC-9770 New UI Fixed: A useless Edit button appeared in the Linked items panel of the Edit forms.
QAC-9792 New UI Fixed: When a user created multiple custom fields for the Defects screen, configured Defects to show the fields in the item list, and then deleted one of these fields, the Defects screen still showed all custom fields – even the deleted one.
QAC-9806 New UI Fixed: Multi-line text values were exported to a CSV file as single-line strings.
QAC-4687 Notes Fixed: In some cases, a user could not save a note they had added on the Edit form.
QAC-9846 Releases Fixed: When a user removed a link to a test from a release, it would not be absolutely removed (the test would disappear from the Traceability screen, but would appear again after you have left the screen or updated it).
QAC-9857 Releases Fixed: The Releases screen contained duplicated columns.
QAC-9931 Releases Fixed: The Editor field ‘Is Active?’ is invalid” error could occur when a user re-activated a release with the Closed (Completed) status.
QAC-5257 Reports Fixed: If a user filtered releases by their names before generating a Test Runs report, and the release names were too long, the report did not contain any results.
QAC-5353 Reports Fixed: In some cases, a user was unable to apply parameters from the parameter set they had created earlier.
QAC-9772 Reports Fixed: The scale of report pages was 100% by default. It was not enough to display reports containing a great number of items. Now the scale of these pages is 80% by default.
QAC-10034 Reports Fixed: Some reports could process multi-line values incorrectly and display them as a single-line value.
QAC-9750 REST API Fixed: With the Use stronger passwords option enabled in Setup, a user was unable to authenticate in REST API.
QAC-9590 Rich Text Fixed: In Internet Explorer 11, the data a user copied to the clipboard and pasted to a Rich Text editor was randomly split into multiple lines.
QAC-320 Run History Fixed: Sometimes, the name of the configuration used for the test run did not appear in the Run History if a user had run this test directly from the Test Library
QAC-4320 Run History Improvement: The Skipped Steps column has been added. It shows how many steps were skipped during the test run.
QAC-6038 Shared documents Fixed: No descriptions were visible for list items on the Shared Documents screen.
QAC-9963 Shared Documents Fixed: In Shared Documents, a user was able to see folders created in all their projects even if the Company Wide Folder setting was off.
SaaS Fixed: Performance issues with the SaaS server.
QAC-9636 Test Agent Fixed: It was impossible to install the Test Agent for a user belonging to a department whose name contained special characters, such as <>&^.
Test Library Fixed: An unexpected behavior of the Test Library list; a user could add the Expected Result column to the Test Library screen. This column shows data of test steps, not tests.
QAC-9651 Test Library Fixed: If a user enabled the Traceability option in the old UI of the Test Library, they were redirected to the new UI.
QAC-9738 Test Library Fixed: The text specified in the fields of a test appeared differently in the exported CSV file and emails.
QAC-9809 Test Library Fixed: The Test Runner did not save values to custom fields after the test was over.
QAC-9812 Test Library Fixed: If a user had a huge number of tests, the Test drop-down list on the Steps tab of the Edit Test form would never be populated (and no error message were shown).
QAC-9838 Test Library Fixed: When a user added a token to some test step, this token did not appear on the Token Values tab of the Edit Test form.
QAC-10023 Test Library Fixed: The Tests has not this folder error could occur when a user used the Fast Edit feature for multiple items at once.
QAC-10121 Test Library Fixed: QAComplete dod not save a test step description if it was too large and did not display any error message about this.
QAC-4486 Test Library
Test sets
Improvement: It is now possible to run tests and test sets directly from the corresponding Edit forms.
QAC-9357 Test Library
Test sets
Fixed: In some cases, the Tests tab was empty in the Create Test Set dialog in the Test Library.
QAC-9375 Test Runner Fixed: On tokenized test runs, the values taken from the token file did not appear properly in the Test Runner.
QAC-9625 Test Runner Fixed: The Create Defect dialog was too large for the 1366x768 display resolution.
QAC-9604 Test schedules Fixed: Email notifications about test schedules included timestamps that used the server time instead of the user time.
QAC-7853 Test sets Improvement: Better text for the notification that appears when a user tries to delete a test set using Fast Edit.
QAC-9635 Test sets Fixed: Performance issues with the Tests tab of the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-9700 Test sets Fixed: It was impossible to change the value of the Assigned To field of a test on the Tests tab of the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-9748 Test sets Fixed: If a user changed the order of tests in the test set, it was not reflected on the History tab of the Edit form for this test set.
Test sets Fixed: The No entity … found error could occur when a user was editing Test Sets. Also, this message could display an incorrect entity type (for example, it mentioned Test instead of Test Step).
QAC-9471 UI Fixed: QAComplete did not show tags, that is, any text between the < and > characters.
QAC-9940 UI Fixed: Scroll bars did not scroll large field contents for users who had read-only permissions and who worked with QAComplete in Internet Explorer.
QAC-10169 UI Fixed: When a user worked with QAComplete in Safari, the Setup and Administration section did not display the navigation tree on the left.
QAC-9716 Workflows Fixed: If a user saved an item in a preconfigured temporary state, the corresponding status was not set for this item automatically.

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