Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.9 Patch - Build 11.9.1657 - Nov 14, 2018

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 19, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-10296 Escalation rules Fixed: Escalation rules did not send emails upon execution as expected. Instead, escalation rules sent emails only when the item affected by the rule was modified.
QAC-10418 Escalation rules Fixed: In certain conditions, escalation rules did not remove values from fields as expected.
QAC-9868 Import and export Improvement: Better text is now shown for the error message that appears when a user tries to import items from an external CSV file that has bad formatting or contains redundant characters.
QAC-10344 Import and export Fixed: After importing, the resulting file contained the LF line break symbol instead of </div>.
QAC-10436 Integrations Fixed: After a user had saved integration settings, the integration was disabled in projects unavailable for this specific user.
QAC-10313 JIRA integration Fixed: An issue with synchronization caused creation of duplicate items in JIRA after a QAComplete item had been created.
QAC-10355 Quick links Fixed: Sometimes, QAComplete did not handle the quick links properly if a user was logged out.
QAC-9614 New UI Fixed: The Do not show closed or inactive items option worked incorrectly with the Link to Items dialog. A user could select inactive items in drop-down lists in this dialog with this option enabled and vice versa.
QAC-10283 New UI Fixed: Sometimes, QAComplete did not show folders in alphabetical order on the navigation panel.
QAC-10309 New UI Fixed: Sometimes, the check boxes added as custom fields appeared with duplicate captions.
QAC-10331 New UI Fixed: When a user set the status of an existing item to Closed and added a note or attachment to this item, the Date Closed field became empty.
QAC-10336 New UI Fixed: The Auto-Fill from Recent functionality showed items that had been edited by another user, not the user currently logged in.
QAC-9773 New UI
Test Library
Fixed: In the Test Library, the Edit Test form opened up very slowly in Internet Explorer.
QAC-6911 Test Library Fixed: It was impossible to use Tab to switch between active fields on the Steps tab of the Edit Test form in Chrome 60.
QAC-9605 Test Library Fixed: With the Allow deleting Test Run History option disabled in  > Setup, the run history became unavailable at all.
QAC-10284 Test Library Fixed: Performance issues in the Test Library.
QAC-10299 Test Library Fixed: On the preview panel on the right of the Steps tab of the Edit Test form, tags appeared in values instead of the Rich Text formatting.
QAC-10400 Test Library Fixed: When a user deleted a step from a test on the Edit Test form, QAComplete sometimes did not allow saving changes properly.
QAC-8568 Test Runner Fixed: In Chrome 60, when a user pressed Page Up or Page Down in the Test Runner, the screen moved to the left and became unusable.
QAC-10138 Test Runner Fixed: QAComplete now has a better performance when a user updates statuses for multiple test steps.
QAC-10316 Test Runner Fixed: When a user was creating a defect from the Test Runner, QAComplete was sending a notification about that twice.
QAC-10293 UI Fixed: The Help Center button on the QAComplete main toolbar was not clickable.
QAC-10278 Workflows Fixed: Sometimes, when a user was changing the status of a defect, the preconfigured transition rule did not correctly remove the assignee from this defect.

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