Data Dictionary Reference

Applies to QAComplete�14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

The descriptions of tables and views are grouped by the features related to the tables and views:

Agile Tasks

Manages agile (quick) tasks, calendar appointments, and to do list items.


Manages shared documents and discussions.


Organizes contacts and contact information.

Cross Application

Tables and views used across multiple features (such as attachments, notes, traceability links, and so on).


Organizes cross application dashboards and dashboard charts.


Tracks bugs, issues, and support tickets.


Tracks the error log records and the history of item changes across all the projects.

Legacy Test Cases

Organizes test cases (release 9.6.0 and earlier) and Automation Bridge items (release and earlier).


Organizes custom tables for managing data that does not conform to the built-in features.

Project Management

Tracks project plans, project plan tasks, and time spent on them.


Manages releases, iterations (sprints), and builds, as well as their schedules and related items.


Manages feature requests and requirements.


Manages escalation rules and QAComplete users and security groups.

Support Manager

Organizes support managers.

Test Management

Manages manual and automated tests, test sets, test configurations and test run results.

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