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Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024


Contains information on errors generated by the application. This information can be helpful for troubleshooting potential problems. On-Premises users can access information in this table by calling Reports > Legacy Reports > Administrative > Error Logs (if they have the necessary security permissions). SaaS users get this information from the support team that uses this table for troubleshooting purposes.



AppCode  :  varchar (max 100 chars), allows null: no

The type of the application. agSP corresponds to QAComplete SaaS; agSPEnt corresponds to QAComplete On-Premises.

DateCreated  :  datetime, allows null: no, default: Current date and time

The date and time when the error was generated, based on the server time zone.

The stored date and time are based on the server’s time zone. For more information, see Date and Time Fields.

Description  :  nvarchar (max), allows null: yes

The description of the error.

ErrNumber  :  int, allows null: no

The numeric code of the error.

ErrSource  :  nvarchar (max), allows null: yes

The possible source of the error.

ProjId  :  int, allows null: no

The ID of the related project.

SeverityCode  :  varchar (max 100 chars), allows null: no

The severity of the error.

UserId  :  int, allows null: no

The numeric identifier of the user who generated the error message.

UserName  :  varchar (max 78 chars), allows null: yes

The name of the user who generated the error message.

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