Viewing Report Charts and Graphs

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The Report panel contains graphs and charts that illustrate test run statistics. This topic describes some operations that you can perform on these graphs and charts.

Note: To view the charts and graphs, Flash Player 8 or later for Windows Internet Explorer is required.
To print a graph or chart
  1. Right-click it and select Print Chart from the context menu. This will invoke the standard Print dialog.

  2. Specify the printing settings in the ensuing dialog and click Print.

To rotate the chart
  1. Right-click the chart and select Enable Rotation from the context menu.

    After that, you can rotate the chart using the mouse pointer.

Note: If the context menu item is disabled, the rotation feature is already enabled, and you can just rotate the graph as you wish.
To separate slices
  1. Right-click the chart and then click Enable Slicing Movement. If the menu item is disabled, the slicing movement feature is already enabled.

  2. To separate the needed slice (for example, the one that corresponds to errors) from the entire chart, click the slice. To move the slice back, click it again.

Important Notes

The Enable Rotation and Enable Slicing Movement context menu items are mutually exclusive. So, you cannot move slices and rotate the entire chart at the same time.

Other Settings

The Report charts and graphs are implemented with FusionCharts components. To get more information on using these components and specify their settings, use the appropriate context menu items of the chart.

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