Extracting Values From Arbitrary Parts of Responses

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

To extract values from response headers and from HTML and textual response bodies, you use data selectors.

In This Section

About Data Selectors

Describes the purpose of data selectors and specifics of their usage.

Creating and Using Data Selectors

Provides step-by-step information on creating and using data selectors.

How to Determine What Data a Selector Extracts

Describes how to find what data a data selector will extract.

Data Selectors - Examples

Gives some examples on extracting typical values.

Further Steps

Validating Response Contents

Explains how you can validate an extracted value to make sure that the server returns correct data.

Using Variables in Requests

Explains how you can use variables to pass the extracted data to subsequent requests.

Parameterizing Requests

Explains how you can replace recorded values in requests with data from external sources or with data LoadComplete generates.

Related Topics of Interest

Working With Subexpressions

Describes how to extract individual subexpressions of the data selector’s regular expression.

Converting Correlation Data

Explains why you may need to decode or encode extracted data and describes how to define conversion rules.

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