Results Processing Settings

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

You can configure your load test to export its test results and send them via email automatically after the run is over. On the Results Processing page of the Load Test editor, you can specify settings that affect exporting and sending the test results:

Before your run the test and send the test results, in the Accounts dialog, specify the email server and an account that you will use to send results.
  • Send results via email – Select this check box to command LoadComplete to export and send test results.

  • To – Lists email addresses to which LoadComplete will send test results. Separate items on the list with semicolons ( ; ) or with a new line.

  • Subject – The email subject.

    If you do not specify the subject, the default subject will be used. It will have the following format: The results of the test run (<Test Name> [<Number of Virtual Users> virtual users] Log).

  • Export Settings – Click it to open the Export to PDF dialog, where you can configure the export settings for test results.

For more information on how to send test results, see Sending Test Results via Email.

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