File Menu

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The File menu provides commands that allow you to work with files. The available commands are:

New - This menu allows you to create a new item in the project structure. The menu contains the following items:

  •  New Project - Creates a new project. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+N shortcut.

  •  Add New Item - Adds a new item to the current node.

 Open - Opens an existing LoadComplete project. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+O shortcut.

Recent - Contains a sub-menu that displays a list of .ltp files that you have recently opened in LoadComplete.

 Save - Saves the current project item under its current name. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+S shortcut.

Save As - Opens a submenu that lets you save a project or project item under a new name. The available commands are:

  • Save Project As - Saves the current project under a new name to the specified folder and copies all the project files and subfolders to this folder.

  • Save Current As - Saves the current project item under a new name.

 Save All - Saves all the changes you have made in the current project. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+S shortcut.

 Close - Closes the current project.

Exit - Exits LoadComplete.

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