Working With the Workspace Panel

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The Workspace panel is your major working area in LoadComplete since all the editors you open to create tests and all the log panels displaying test results are docked onto the Workspace panel.

The editors are called after you double-click a node in the Project Explorer panel or choose Edit (Open for log nodes) from the Project Explorer panel’s context menu.

The maximum number of editors and log panels that can be opened concurrently is specified by the Maximum number of editors option. If the panel already contains the maximum number of editors and you open another one, the panel automatically closes the editor that was opened first.

For more information on options that affect the Workspace panel, see Workspace Options.

Docking in the Workspace panel

All the editors and log panels shown in the Workspace panel are individual panes. You can customize their docking within the panel’s border in the same way as you would change the docking of any panel in LoadComplete.

To enable docking for the Workspace panel, check the Tools | Docking Allowed menu item.

If the editor or log panel displayed in the Workspace panel contains several panels, they also can be docked onto the Workspace panel.

For more information on docking in LoadComplete, see Docking.

Workspace Panel Toolbar and Context Menu

To work with the editors displayed in the Workspace panel, you can use the panel’s context menu called upon right-clicking editors’ captions or the Workspace toolbar. If the toolbar is hidden, right-click the toolbar or menu area and select Workspace from the ensuing list to make the menu visible.

The toolbar and the context menu contain commands to work with the editors in the Workspace panel. For more information on the panel’s toolbar, see Workspace Toolbar. To learn more about the panel’s context menu, see Workspace Panel Context Menu.

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