Emergency License Keys

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

How Emergency Licenses Help You

A license key can be used only once. After you have activated a license with a key, the license becomes “bound” to the computer on which you have entered the key (this computer becomes the License Manager PC). You cannot use this key to activate a license on another computer. If the License Manager PC stops functioning you will not be able to start LoadComplete instances that are controlled by the License Manager.

Emergency license keys are supposed to be used in unexpected situations, for instance, when the License Manager PC has been stolen, damaged or destroyed. These keys allow you to keep your test environment functioning in these unpredictable situations.

The emergency license key is valid within 14 days after activation. Then it will expire.

The emergency license key can be obtained only once for a license.

Before Requesting an Emergency License Key

  • If you have a Node-Locked product license, try restoring it with the License Recovery wizard. See License Recovery for step-by-step information.

  • If the wizard does not help, or if you have a Floating User license, then contact the SmartBear Sales Team immediately. The Sales Team will help you resolve the problem with license keys, and you will be able to use the emergency key meanwhile.

Getting an Emergency License

  1. Log into your SmartBear Account:


  2. Go to the LoadComplete product page and click Emergency License Key from the menu on the right. Then, follow the instructions that you will see on the screen.

  3. After you get the emergency license key, activate it on a new License Manager PC.

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