Running LoadComplete Under User Account

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

You must be logged in as an administrator in Windows to install LoadComplete.

However, you can run and work with LoadComplete under any user account. To enable LoadComplete to be run under any user account, select the “Install this application for anyone who uses this computer” option during the LoadComplete installation.

Administrators have the full access to data and all permissions for the files on the computer. If you are working under a user account, operations are limited by permissions set by the administrator. If you start LoadComplete when working under a user account, the operations LoadComplete will perform are limited by the permissions set for this account. These may be the default permissions (for example, the permissions of a user group to which the account belongs) or modified permissions (for example, the administrator may block or allow writing into some folders). Below, are some problems you may come across when working with LoadComplete under a user account. We would like to add that you may or may not face some of these problems as this depends on the permissions set for your account by your administrator.

Scenario Recording

When recording user scenarios, LoadComplete is tracking requests that your web browser or web client application sends to the tested web server. The web browser (or web client application) can be launched under your user account or under another account. Also, under Windows 7 and later, they can be launched with administrator permissions.

LoadComplete can record traffic of web client applications (web browsers) that were launched under the same user account as that used to launch LoadComplete.

Also, in Windows 7 and later operating systems, if a web client application (or web browser) is running with administrator permissions, LoadComplete must also be running with administrator permissions. Otherwise, it will be unable to record the application’s traffic. For the complete information on this, see Using LoadComplete With Administrator Privileges.

Note: When you start recording a user scenario, you can command LoadComplete to launch a web browser automatically (see the description of the Record User Scenario dialog). In this case, the browser will be launched with the permissions which LoadComplete has, and you will not have to launch LoadComplete with administrator permissions.

File System Access

Users may not have write permissions to some folders. For example, by default, members of the Users group do not have write permissions for the Program Files folder. So, you will be unable to create or modify files and folders in such protected folders.

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