ccollab commit (for Perforce)

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on April 18, 2024


The ccollab commit command submits the changes from a pre-commit review to source control. Be sure to include a relevant comment.

Command Line Syntax

ccollab [global-options] commit [--comment <value>] [--dismiss-only] [--force] <review>

Command Options




--comment <value>


Comment for reviewed changes



Just dismiss the Action Item



Ignore potential problems. Must be authenticated as Perforce user with administrator or super access rights. See Remarks.



Identifier of the desired review (an integer number), or an ask, or last keyword. Where keywords define the following behaviour:

  • ask - the command will pause execution and prompt for the identifier of the desired review,
  • last - the command will use the last review that was created on the current machine via Command-Line Client (that is, it does not know about reviews created elsewhere).


To use this command (without the --force option) your Perforce user name (--p4user) should coincide with the name of a user who has submitted the desired changelist. If you use the --force option, then you must specify a Perforce user having administrator or super access rights.


ccollab commit 25 --comment "my code" --force

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