ccollab addchangelist (for Perforce)

Applies to Collaborator 13.12, last modified on May 25, 2022


The ccollab addchangelist command attaches all files from a pending or a submitted Perforce changelist to a review on the Collaborator server.

Command Line Syntax

ccollab [global-options] addchangelist <review> <changelist> [<changelist> ...]

Command Options






A number of global or Perforce-specific global options. See Command-line Global Options Reference.



Identifier of the desired review (an integer number), or a new, ask, or last keyword. Where keywords define the following behaviour:

  • new - the command will create a new review,
  • ask - the command will pause execution and prompt for the identifier of the desired review,
  • last - the command will use the last review that was created on the current machine via Command-Line Client (that is, it does not know about reviews created elsewhere).

<changelist> [<changelist> ...]


Identifier(s) of the desired changeset(s) in your source control.

The first argument is the review specifier, subsequent arguments are the IDs of the Pending Changelists or Submitted Changelists to upload.

You cannot specify the default changelist.


To upload Pending Changelists @4321 and @7568 to a new review:

ccollab addchangelist new 4321 7568

To upload Submitted Changelists @5432 and @12654 to review 111:

ccollab addchangelist 111 5432 12654

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